January 13, 2016

30+ Points of Service for Sellers

Many sellers place their home with a real estate agent without an adequate knowledge of the services that are going to be performed in the sale of their home.  At Georgia Choice Realty, we provide you an itemized list of 30+ points of service that we will perform while your home is listed with us.

The Listing Consultation

  • We gather information about your home along with its unique features and benefits.
  • We give you advice on what you can do to improve the condition of your property and improve its saleability.
  • Give you advice on staging techniques and presenting your home for the buyers eye.
  • We review recent home sales in the area/subdivision and determine an appropriate listing price for your home.
  • Review pricing strategies to get your home sold on your timeline and at the highest price.
  • Free Sellers E-book “Preparing for a Successful Home Sale”

Listing & Marketing Your Home

Showing Your Home

Additional Services

  • Assistance with selecting vendors for repairs and services while your home is listed
  • Easy exit listing agreements.  Fire us at anytime if you believe we are not holding up our end of the deal!

Contract To Close Services

  • We represents your interests throughout the transaction.
  • We carefully prepare the Purchase & Sales Agreement for you and on your behalf.
  • Proactive offers to buyers.  We make the offers directly to buyers who have seen your home twice instead of waiting for them to make an offer to us..
  • We ensure all buyers are pre-approved with a lender or can show proof of funds if the purchase is a cash sale
  • All documents can be signed using our digital signatures platform.
  • We negotiate and review the appraisal for you
  • We negotiate and review the inspection for you
  • We handle and account for the earnest money for you.
  • We coordinate the closing for you.
  • We work with the buyers agent, lenders, appraisers, and closing attorneys to provide all required documentation and ensure your home is closed on time
  • We review the closing disclosure / settlement statement with you
  • We can attend closing and answer any questions you may have.