October 22, 2017

Supra I-box

This blue lockbox is an electronic key box that is used exclusively by real estate professionals and is a very secure way to allow those individuals access to your home.

The most common way for an agent to access your home is with their cell phone or a device called an active key. They use the bluetooth or infrared sensor in their cell phone or active key to beam information to the black sensor on the lockbox. The lockbox then releases the key compartment underneath so that the keys to your home can be accessed by the agent.

During this data exchange process, information is beamed from the phone to the lockbox. The lockbox receives digitally verified information from the phone identifying the name of the specific agent showing the home. This information is digitally and permanently stored in the lockbox. This way, the lockbox contains a detailed record of all agents that have shown your home! Also, via the cell phone data connection on the device of the agent showing the home, we are instantly notified via email the name of the real estate agent that just showed the property. We can also configure this service to send you an email when your home is shown by an agent.

I-box lockboxes have many other features that can be preprogrammed into them, such as limited showing hours and call before showing codes. The lockbox is usually attached to the front door of the home but may also be attached elsewhere such a side door or a secure iron railing.