October 22, 2017

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and boosted posts are one of the greatest and most underutilized ways to market your home today.  Facebook allows us to place ads about your home in the Facebook users news feed, thus giving your home vast exposure it would not have obtained otherwise.  Many facebook ads on listings get can 10,000 views or more and often in just a short period of time (like within the first week the home is listed).  With Facebook ads, we place the ad based upon the zipcode in which the property is located and up to 10 miles around that zipcode.  The home it is immediately relevant to the person viewing the ad and may they may even know where the home is located.  Facebook ads based on local listings also have a very high viewership, click rates, and user engagement.   We can also target Facebook users based on buyer criteria such as “likely to move” so that you ad goes mainly to those persons that may already be in the market for a new home but have yet to find the right one!

For The $500 Listing and The Silver Choice 2% Listing, the minimum fee is $100.  $50 setup and $50 ad budget.  The ad budget can be increased to your liking.  We include Facebook ads free of charge for all of our other listings with a minimum ad budget of $50 and no setup fee.