October 22, 2015

Hire Us For Free!

Once you start getting serious about purchasing a new home, it is time to hire Georgia Choice Realty as your buyer’s agent. Almost all buyers will eventually need to hire a real estate agent to represent their interests in purchasing a home.

Buyer representation is always free when you hire Georgia Choice Realty! The seller will pay 100% of our commission at closing. You can always choose to have no representation or let the listing agent broker represent you but why would you do that?

One mistake many home buyers make is that they wait until they need an agent (usually to see the inside of a home) before they hire an agent. You miss out on that important tools that we have that can help you in your home selection. We understand that you do not want to be haggled and pressured into a home purchase (and rightly so). However, having a committed real estate agent in your back pocket from the beginning of the home search process has multiple benefits.

Benefits of Hiring Georgia Choice Realty as Your Buyer’s Agent:

  • You never pay us a fee by using us as your buyer’s agent. Zilch! None! Nada! The seller pays all of our fees at closing.
  • You are under no obligation to purchase a home at any time during your agreement with Georgia Choice Realty.
  • We are free to answer any questions you may have about the home buying process at any time. You hired us, remember!
  • You have our complete loyalty! We only share our great deals only with our clients. We will go all out to find you the home and deal you deserve.
  • We can set you up on property alerts on the MLS so that you know of any new homes that meet your home search criteria the day they are listed, thus helping you beat out other buyers to these hot new listings.
  • We can assist you with selecting a lender who will get you the best rates with the least amount of closing costs and fees.
  • We know that selecting a home in a great school district is important. We will provide you with free access to reports conducted by the Georgia Department of Education that assess student and school performance ratings.
  • We can assist you in obtaining information about the areas you are interested in purchasing, including detailed information shopping, and local venues and activities.
  • In cooperation with your lender, we can assist you in calculating the costs of getting into that new home of yours. We can assist you in structuring your transaction so that you pay the absolute minimum amount of money down and with little to no closing costs paid out of your pocket.
  • Due to real estate license law, we are prohibited to represent you as a client without first entering into a written agreement. However, once we enter into a written agreement with you, by law, we must represent your interests to the best of our ability.