April 25, 2016

30+ Points of Service for Buyers


  • Hire Us For Free.  We will never charge you a commission when you purchase a property listed on the MLS.
  • Property Needs Analysis, We use this process to determine the property features, location, and price range of the home to best meet your needs and wants
  • We can set up property alerts in your email for homes that meet your home search criteria.  You can beat out other buyers to these hot new listings!
  • We can provide assistance with obtaining home loan pre-approval.  Sellers almost always will require a home loan pre-approval before they will accept an offer and take their home off the market.
  • We can assist you with selecting a lender that has the loan program to best meet your needs.  Of course you always have the final say in any lender you choose to select.


  1. Home Shopping Tours.  We schedule appointments with sellers so that we can preview many homes (Usually as many as 12) in just a few hours.
  2. Single Home Tours:  We can also schedule appointments on that home that just hit the market today.


  • We will carefully prepare the offer for you and on your behalf for any home you wish to purchase.
  • We thoroughly explain the Purchase and Sales Agreement with you, section by section, so you know exactly what you are signing.
  • We write the Purchase and Sales Agreement so you are protected throughout the transaction
  • We write the Purchase and Sales Agreement so that it complies with applicable federal and state laws.
  • We can work with your lender so that when we write the contract, that the only funds needed to be brought to closing is your down payment.  We can write the offer so that the Seller pays all or a portion of your closing costs!
  • We will discuss offer strategies based on the circumstances of the transaction to ensure that you’re your best interests are represented and that you get the best possible price for the home you select.
  • We negotiate any earnest money deposit the seller may require you to put up in good faith to purchase the property.
  • We negotiate the due diligence period in the the purchase and sales agreement.  This period gives you a set amount of time after the contract is signed and becomes binding to obtain an inspection, determine the home is in good condition, and meets your needs as a buyer.
  • We assist you in obtaining and negotiating a Seller Property Disclosure Statement and Community Association Disclosure Statement from the seller for the home you choose to purchase
  • All documents can be electronically signed via email so that it is ultra convenient for you.  Note:  Lenders may require certain documents to be hand-signed.


  • We assist you in obtaining an appraisal on the property you wish to buy
  • We negotiate the appraisal with the seller for you and on your behalf
  • We negotiate any repairs and price reductions that may be required because of a home appraisal
  • We assist you on obtaining an inspection on any property you wish to purchase.
  • We negotiate the inspection with the the seller for you and on your behalf.
  • We negotiate repairs and price reductions that may occur because of a home inspection.
  • We communicate with all parties daily so that your home purchase process proceeds smoothly and closes on time.
  • We assist you in obtaining utility information on the home you choose to purchase.
  • We assist you in obtaining a homeowners insurance quote / binder that imay be required for you to purchase the home
  • We assist you in obtaining information in regards to costs/ benefits for any homeowners, condo, or community associations for the home you choose to purchase
  • We assist you in obtaining a closing statement from the settlement attorney.
  • We assist you in getting answers to any questions as to the costs of buying a home, as well as the documents that will need to be signed.
  • We assist you in obtaining a clear to close from your lender
  • We assist with the scheduling of the closing with all parties to the transaction.
  • We can assist you in selling your current home so that your move goes as smooth as possible.  We can often schedule the closing both transactions for the exact same day!